I like to keep things simple.......

Wedding Film 


Our wedding film package offers a creative stylish highlight video of your day as well as a short teaser video to share on social media. Your story begins with the bride getting ready and continues right through to the first dance and covering everything in between. It is also possible to cover the groom getting ready as well but this is dependant on timings and locations as the bride takes priority. I favour an unobtrusive photojournalistic style so I capture your day as its happening with minimal posing or interference. My aim is too show your personality as you are enjoying your special day!

Wedding Photography


Essentially the same coverage as the Film package but instead of a lovely film at the end you get a bunch of lovely photos of your day. 

Portrait/Engagement/Family/ etc.

Starting at £150


Unfortunately I can't give you an exact price for these as they often vary from project to project however don't let that scare you. I love creative ideas and would love to chat about yours with you and work out a price which suits everyone so get in touch and lets have a chat about it.


If you have any questions don't be afraid to contact me or check out some of the FAQ

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